Lake District Beginners Navigation Course

Learning the art of navigation using a map and compass is a skill set that anyone thinking of venturing high up into the hills and mountains of the UK should have. GPS devices are good nowadays but they can go wrong or run out of battery, so they are no substitute for good map and compass skills. Being able to precisely pace or time distances, or relocate using only the features and contours on the map, take a bearing off a summit in bad weather, all these skills are invaluable to any hill walker, climber, mountaineer or just a family group out in the hills for the day.


The Lake District beginners navigation courses will teach you the basics of map reading and using a compass when out in the UK hills and mountains. Perfect for those with little or no navigation experience, you will learn aspects such as; map scales, setting the map to the ground, using a compass to take and follow a bearing, timing and pacing, recognising contour features and how to plan and prepare a route.

The beginners navigation course will last around 6 hours and will be held in the Caldbeck fells, a quieter part of The Lake District where we can concentrate on the aspects taught whilst also having a fun and enjoyable day out. Great for a group of friends or a family wanting to learn to safeguard themselves whilst undertaking their adventures in the hills.

All courses are run by myself, a qualified mountain leader and outdoor instructor holding the REC first aid certificate.


£40 per person.

Discounts available for group bookings of 4 up to a maximum of 6 people, please contact me for a quote.

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